We Always Ship: June

A round-up of features, updates and what we built on Magic Eden in the past month.

Each month, we’ll share features rolled out by Magic Eden’s innovative and hardworking dev team. A big shoutout to our community — we implemented these features thanks to your @MagicEden and feedback — so, keep them coming! We appreciate you.

Here’s a round-up of features:

27 June: Floor Price Chart Goes PRO

We've introduced “Pro Mode” for users who wish to have a more granular view of a collection's floor price movement.

More features will be added in the upcoming weeks.

22 June: Popular Collections UI Revamp

Our Popular Collections section got a major overhaul! We are continually working on implementing UI/UX changes to improve our customer experience.

21 June: Celebrating 20,000,000+ SOL Volume!

We hit a total of 20M+ of SOL Volume traded on Magic Eden! A huge milestone for us, and we couldn't have done it without our community.

21 June: Launchpad Retrospective

Launchpad as a business is tough. In this ever-changing market, we talk about what Magic Eden Launchpad means for us and it's impact on our ecosystem.

20 June: Whitelist Management Tool Beta Launch

We kicked off our Whitelist Management Tool beta launch with Yeah Tigers. Sign up for your whitelists by simply connecting your wallet, signing in, and linking your Discord account.

Stay tuned for more upcoming launch partners.

17 June: V2.7.0 Mobile App Update

Our Mobile App team have been killin' it! In our latest update, users are now able to enable in-app notifications for all marketplace activity. This includes watchlisted collections hitting users' preset floor price threshold limits.

The Magic Eden Mobile App is available for download on iOS and Android!

16 June: Launchpad Customized Launch Solutions

There are several post-mint NFT reveal methods that have become popular recently. Magic Eden aims to give creators the freedom to choose from several launch options.

Here is our list of customized launch solutions.

11 June: List NFTs in ~3 Seconds

New upgrades to our marketplace! Listing your NFT now takes ~3 seconds upon confirming the transaction from your wallet.

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