The Launchpad Scoop

In September, we launched WADE FRIENDS & FAMILY, Anybodies: Tay Keith, and Azra Games: The Hopeful. More on the latest Launchpad features that will redefine your collection.

Key insights

  • Market Update: We return to a solid weekly SOL volume of 100,000, signaling that the primary market is recovering and that collectors have their eyes peeled. 
  • Featured Launches: WADE Family & FriendsAnybodies: Tay Keith, and Azra Games: The Hopeful were all sell-out launches and shows that NFTs are a force of culture. 
  • Latest Tech & Tools: Introducing our open-source Ethereum minting contract and our Pro Trade suite that collectors love. Be on the lookout for anti-botting tech coming soon 👀. 

Minting Market Update

September marked a turning point in the bear market. We return to a weekly primary SOL volume of >100,000, a ~5x boost from previous months. This signals that the primary market is gaining momentum and restoring its health from the burnout of the bear. Collectors are cautious in what they choose to mint, but the sell-outs below will show that demand is back. 

Magic Eden launched 17 collections in September. 

Out of these 17 collections, 15 sold out original supply. 

Key Takeaway: The improvements we’ve made to our Launchpad standards by raising the quality bar is working. We continue to tighten up our filtering mechanisms as we strive to give our users the best minting experiences. For more information on how we vet collections, read here


Featured Launches

WADE Family & Friends

The creators of LINE Friends (the super cute characters that took the world by storm), now known as IPX, have partnered with CRIPCO, the world’s first industry-led DAO. Together, they’re on a mission to revolutionize IP 3.0

The Drop: The WADE Pass is an all-access pass to all future drops. This includes the hyped OOZ drop and all future fashion drops they have in the works. All WADE Pass holders will receive the WADE PFP airdropped to them. Their vision of “IP 3.0” is to unite brands, artists, stakeholders, influencers, and others in the governance of IP, meaning that the community (i.e. holders) partake in the brand’s successes. Mind you, this is a global brand with over 200 retail spaces world and even created the beloved characters, BT21 of mega-popular Korean boy band BTS. 

Next Up on Oct 7th: Ooz and Mates: Spaceships


Anybodies: Tay Keith

What does apparel in web3 look like? Anybodies is paving the way with partnerships with Nike, DeGods and most recently — grammy-nominated Hip Hop producer Tay Keith. With integrations of NFC technology, AR and NFTs, Anybodies is shaping a true web3 product experience

The Drop: Tay Keith brings his signature DOA brand to the metaverse. This exclusive streetwear collaboration offers a limited edition collectible, designed by Anybodies and inspired by DOA. Minters not only accessed a culturally-significant NFT, but they could also redeem it for a physical sweater that gives them access to Tay Keith’s drops: 3D avatars, tickets to live events (anyone Drake fans out there)? All by tapping into the NFC chip tech in the sweater. 


Azra Games: The Hopeful

With a cumulative game development experience of 35 years, Azra Games brings its outstanding background to web3 gaming. Mark Otero, CEO and Founder of Azra Games, was the GM of EA Capital Games who launched Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, EA’s most successful mobile game six years in a row with $1.4B in revenue and 100M+ downloads. 

The Drop: The Hopeful is Azra’s first NFT art collection that used Magic Eden’s open-source ETH minting contract. They sold out within 25 seconds. Otero’s key inspiration behind the Hopeful release is “the pioneering spirit of the Web3 community and the shared aspiration of hope for the promise of Web3.” Holders of the Hopeful will have access to the much-awaited game Legions & Legends, as well as benefits such as: limited edition founder packs, surprise drops, opportunities to shape the game, early beta access, and more alpha. 


Latest Tech & Tools 

  • We introduced an open-sourced Ethereum minting contract to save creators on Ethereum precious engineering time and shorten execution timelines to integrate. Our fully built contracts are audited, making them a trusted and safe option for creators to use. 
  • Pro Trade extends beyond Launchpad, and it’s a great addition to your mint. We debuted this in beta alongside the y00ts mint, and the response was incredibly positive. NFT holders can view trading activity on your mint on the secondary marketplace real time. This is another tool in a creator’s arsenal to use at the beginning of their NFT launches. 

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