SPL Token Auction: Bid in $FOXY

We've partnered up with fellow builders at Famous Fox Federation to host our first ever SPL Token Auction!

Magic Eden introduces SPL-token auctions. We’re partnering with collections to put the ‘lit’ in utility. First up, our friends at Famous Fox Federation (FFF). 

$FOXY is Famous Fox Federation’s (FFF) utility token, used to access FFF’s tools. $FOXY can be used for everything within the Fox ecosystem — from FoxySwap to rafffles — now, you can use $FOXY to bid on Saint Fox, a 1/1 NFT by artist @nyaumon

Key Details

Auction Starts 🦊: 26th of May, 2022. 

Auction Duration ⏰: 72H

Starting Bid 🪙: 100.00 $FOXY

Bid Increment 🟠: 1.00 $FOXY

How to Bid with $FOXY

Saint Fox

  1. Go to the Saint Fox auction page on Magic Eden. 
  2. Connect your wallet and place a bid. The bid must be at least 1.00 FOXY greater than the current bid. 
  3. You will automatically get your FOXY returned to your wallet if you've been outbid. 
  4. If a bid is received 300 minutes from the end of the auction, the bidding time will be extended by 300 minutes. 
  5. When the auction closes, the artwork will belong to the highest bidder. Please claim the NFT by pressing the “claim item” button. 


“With or without holding a fox, we envisioned $FOXY to be accessible and widely adopted. Magic Eden is the most widely used secondary marketplace on Solana, so integrating $FOXY to Magic Eden felt organic. A great win for both parties, as we both aim to provide more value to the Solana ecosystem.” — Famous Fox Federation

Famous Fox Federation is a collection of 7,777 (from over a million combinations) randomly generated and stylistically generated NFTs that exist on the Solana Blockchain. 

They’re one of the most active builders on Solana. Their most recent utility launched is FoxyShare, which allows transfers of tokens and Solana to multiple addresses at once. Other notable tools built: Ding!, an NFT messaging service, the Famous Token Market, Rafffle, and of course, FoxySwap. 

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