Mini Royale: Nations Partners with Magic Eden for Clan Wars!

NEW Mini Royale: Nations x Magic Eden Limited Edition Skin & Grand Prize.
MRNxME Skin.png


Mini Royale: Nations has partnered with Magic Eden to release a limited edition Season 4 Premium Hero skin!  

The Magic Eden Shadow Ronin is one of four skin variations of the all new Shadow Ronin Hero, live now in the Premium Samurai Drop until January 19. 

How to unlock the Shadow Ronin

  • Go to
  • Use $SOL to collect Shadow Ronin Shards in the weekly Premium Samurai Drop
    • 20% of the Shadow Ronin Shards will also be accessible to Season 4 Premium Holders in Premium Contract quests from Jan 10 - Feb 6.
  • Once you’ve collected all shards (120 total required), head to The Lab in
  • Summon your Hero! You will receive 1 of 4 color variations of the Shadow Ronin skin

All Shadow Ronin Shards can be collected until January 16th. After this date, the Shadow Ronin will no longer be available, but don’t worry, you can always grab one in our Season 4 Premium Collection on Magic Eden.


Magic Eden Clan Wars Sponsorship

In addition to our skin collaboration, we are thrilled to announce Magic Eden as a new Clan Wars sponsor, contributing $2.5K USD to the Clan Wars Grand Prize!

Clan Wars go live on Mini Royale: Nations each week. During a Clan War, Clan members complete Raids and stake game items for leaderboard points. At the end of the Clan War, the top 6 Clans and top 100 players win prizes like $SOL, Shards, Butter, Battle Pass Points, and more. These prizes are automatically distributed at the end of each Clan War using Faraway’s Tiered Leaderboard Payout smart contracts, a feature of Faraway’s suite of web3 gamedev tools available through the Faraway Platform.

ICYMI: The Faraway Platform offers web3 gamedev tools like On-Demand NFT Minting, NFT Staking Systems, Crafting, NFT Imprinting, On-Chain Loot Boxes and more. Apply for partnership to jumpstart your open economy game development!

One special Hero is featured each Clan War. Completing Raid Missions with this Hero equipped will provide a boost in Raid progress, and staking the Hero will provide a boost in leaderboard points.

You can check out top players and prizes from last week’s Clan War on the Clan Wars Individual Tiered Leaderboard.

Mini Royale: Nations is free to play, and all players can join Clan Wars as long as they’re in a Clan. Players can join a Clan at Level 3 and create their own Clans at Level 10. 


Shadow Ronin Clan Wars Boost & Holding Benefits

Equipping any of the four Shadow Ronin skins will provide players with a 600% Raid Progression boost, and a 600% Staking boost in the Tokyo Takeover Clan War, live Friday, Jan 13 through Monday, Jan 16. This means less time needed to complete Raids, and more Economic Points for you and your Clan on the Clan Wars Leaderboard.

Additional Perks 

The Shadow Ronin skin is a Season 4 Premium Hero – owning a Season 4 Premium comes with benefits like:

✅ Access to the Premium Tier of the Season 4 Battle Pass

✅ Battle Pass Boost

  • Tier 1: 10% boost for holders of one Premium Hero from any season
  • Tier 2: 20% boost for holders of 2-4 Premium Heroes from any season
  • Tier 3: 30% boost for holders of 5-9 Premium Heroes from any season
  • Tier 4: 40% boost for holders of 10-24 Premium Heroes from any season
  • Tier 5: 50% boost for holders of 25+ Premium Heroes from any season

✅ Access to Premium Contracts, in-game quests that require Season 4 Premium Heroes. Prizes include: Premium Hero Shards and Butter.

ICYMI: Butter is an off-chain game currency that is used for:

  • Claiming fused skins in the Lab
  • Unlocking staking slots for Economic Points in Clan Wars
  • Speeding up Orb Enrichment
  • Unequipping Gear
  • Purchasing City Shields and Uranium in World Domination Clan Wars
  • Unlocking spins in the Big Shot shooting range

Check out the Mini Royale: Nations Season 4 Premium Collection on Magic Eden.

You can also grab Loot Heroes and Weapon skins in our Mini Royale: Nations Season 4 Loot Collection on Magic Eden.

If you’d also like to read more about our Season 4 Clan Wars Jackpot and how it works, please read our post about it here.

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