Magic Ethen Beta: Debuting our ETH Aggregator

We launched a laser-fast, feature-rich Ethereum aggregator in beta. Here’s the scoop.

Choosing which NFT to buy is part art, part science (or it could be completely random). 

Making these decisions aren’t easy. 

Magic Ethen Beta is your first destination to buy NFTs on ETH. 

With an array of tools and features, our Ethereum Aggregator will help you make the best decisions in real-time. We also believe that the future of NFTs is cross-chain and that it should be simple for our everyday user. 

Key Insights

  • Magic Ethen Beta: We are starting our ETH aggregator in beta to support our cross chain vision. Stay tuned for more updates and features. 
  • Need for speed: ETH NFT listings surface live so you don’t need to refresh the page. Buy fast with Quick Buy and Auto-Swap, our sweeper tool to enable you to snipe the next best available NFT on popular collections. 
  • Collection discovery: Through multiple tools, such as our cross-chain drop calendarwhitelist sign-ups on our homepage, and stats page, you’ll be exposed to more NFT collections. 
  • Trade best: Pro Trade has a real-time trades chart, allowing you to make the best decisions on the fly, when it counts. View listings, sales and compare price v. rarity. 
  • Cross-chain payment options: Be it ETH or SOL NFTs, buy NFTs on Magic Eden with your choice of SOL, ETH and fiat (via credit card). 

Enjoy lightning fast speed with no need to refresh page

Our marketplace just got snappier. Expect lightning-fast listings and sales, as they surface live when listed. Buy NFTs faster on Magic Eden. Sold items appear and disappear in real time and you'll see marketplace symbols quickly shift as listings change. 


Find the latest drops with our cross-chain drop calendar

Stay informed with our cross-chain drop calendar is a central place for all mints happening across Ethereum and Solana. Access everything you need to begin your collection discovery. 

With upvotes, you can use this as a signal to see what other collections people are interested in. You’ll also have access to links that creators have put in, so you’ll have all the information to find out when a collection is minting and if you’d like to mint that collection. 


Sign up for cross-chain whitelists directly on our homepage

We know how hard it is to keep track of all the whitelists you’ve signed up for on Discord so we launched a tool to make it easier. Magic Eden List is a free whitelist tool for creators on ETH and SOL to manage their communities pre-mint. 

Besides signing up for whitelists on our cross-chain drop calendar, discover whitelist opportunities directly from our homepage and sign up directly.

Keep track of all your whitelist sign ups on Magic Eden, your first destination to trade ETH NFTs. It’s secure and you’ll find out if you’re eligible for a project’s whitelist easily. 


Once you make it to the whitelist page for your desired NFT collection, you will see requirements to qualify. If you do, log in with your wallet and secure your whitelist spots! 

Coming soon: Whitelist Opportunities!

Feeling lucky? Stay tuned to try your hand at whitelist opportunities, where you can input your wallet for a chance to be selected for a whitelist. 


Check out the latest activity on our stats page

Gain more insight into an Ethereum NFT collection with our stats page. Use our search function to find collections that meet your requirements (i.e floor price). Get down to the details of sorting by time, giving you a larger picture (last 28 days) to the most current statistics up to the last 5 minutes. 

On other sites, these key statistics are available to paid users. On Magic Eden, our stats page is completely free. With our granular time interval that shows the most current activity (i.e last 5 minutes, 15 minutes), you can use these markers as key trading signals and… well, early alpha. 

If you want to discover trending collections, use the granular time intervals as signals and have a look at the number of sales. Besides volume changes, have a look at the number of owners. This is static but it’s a great trading signal to distinguish the value of a collection — whether it’s a long-term hold or if it’s something you’d want to flip. 


View collection listings across ETH marketplaces

Opening a bunch of tabs to different ETH marketplaces and comparing prices for the best deals are now a thing of the past. 

On Magic Eden, view listings across all Ethereum marketplaces and buy at a click of a button. You can also filter and choose marketplaces across Ethereum, along with other filters such as price, traits, and more. 

Additionally, on a collection page, you can see the latest transactions happening across major Ethereum marketplaces. 


DYOR and find early alpha with Pro Trade

Seconds matter when you trade popular NFT collections. 

Pro Trade is a weapon built for traders to make the best decisions in real time. 

Pro Trade has a real time trades chart that is especially useful for popular collections. It’ll show you how listings are distributed according to time and price. With each green dot representing a trade, there’s insights for you if you’re looking to trade now or long-term. 

  • With price data, you can gather additional indications of a collection’s momentum and use these as trading signals. 
  • Say there’s a hyped mint and it’s gone to secondaries. Sort by shorter time frames (up to 15 mins) and you can view sales and listings in real time, without needing to refresh. 
  • If you’re looking for historical data, sort by longer time frames (i.e a month or more) to view historical trades of an NFT collection to view its long-term momentum and its price distribution. If you’re looking for longevity in a collection, look at how often a trade happens. 

  • Use listing distribution and sort by different distribution of listings down to intervals of 0.01 ETH. Use this chart to see how many NFTs are listed at a certain price. This can help you find the sell wall of a collection, which will give you data for projecting what price it may pump to or where the floor will find its resistance. 
  • Coming soon: If you’re looking to snipe rares, use the price v rarity chart to see how rarity comes into play with pricing and how much it matters to a collection. For those with rares, this can give you guidance on what it could potentially sell for and what price you should list it at. 


Buy your NFTs fast with Quick Buy

Want to checkout faster? Use Quick Buy by hovering over the NFT you’d like to buy and you’ll have the NFT in your bag in no time. 


Sweep floors up to 50 NFTs with option to auto-swap for next best available options on popular collections

We know that speed is of the essence here. Especially if it’s a hot NFT mint. Being fellow traders ourselves, we feel the pain of missing out by that millisecond. So, we introduced two sweeper tools that we dare say, will sweep you off your feet:  

Sweep: Fallen head over heels with a collection? Load up your cart and buy up to 50 NFTs all in one purchase, with a single click of a button. 


Auto-swap: Really bullish on a hot mint and want to ape in hard? Sweep a project’s floor with our auto swap function that swaps out sold NFTs for the next best available NFT! You won’t have to miss out. 


Pay as you wish across SOL, ETH, and fiat

Now you can pay as you see fit. You can buy SOL NFTs with ETH or fiat, and buy ETH NFTs with SOL and fiat. We believe that the cross-chain experience should be as seamless and as frictionless as possible. The next 1M to onboard into NFTs can start now. 

By introducing credit card payments, you have greater flexibility into how you want to buy your NFTs. Plus, it takes time to bridge funds between wormholes and crypto exchanges. Save time and buy straight away.


We’re just getting started

With these real-time trading tools, analytics and cross-chain features, you’ll be able to make the best purchasing decisions all on Magic Eden. We’re just getting started. So, stay tuned. 


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