Magic Eden Creator Hub 101

Creators! Are you set up in Creator Hub yet? Learn about the benefits & products you can access in Creator Hub, and how to get onboarded!
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Your guide to Creator Hub

What is Creator Hub?

Creator Hub is your go-to destination for creating and managing your NFT collection on Magic Eden! Creator Hub also enables you to access our self-serve creator products that connect you deeper to your collection, the ecosystem, and your holders!

We want to continue to empower creators by building out easy-to-use tools in our Creator Hub. Stay tuned for latest Creator updates via email, sign up with your email on our blog site here.

In the meantime, let’s take a look at how to get set up in Creator Hub.


How do I get started in Creator Hub?

Depending on if you are a new or existing collection, there are different instructions on how to get started in Creator Hub. 

If you are a new collection:

New collections should start their journey pre-mint by signing up for Creator Hub at 

You can find instructions to get your collection listed on Drop Calendar and ready for immediate secondary listing here.

If you are an existing collection:

Creator Hub was launched in February 2021, this means many collections that were launched prior to its inception may not have not had access to Creator Hub previously. 

However, the good news is existing collections previously not in Creator Hub can now verify & set up their collection in Creator Hub.

To set up a particular listing in Creator Hub, follow these steps:

  1. Head over to 
  2. Login or Sign Up with your email address for your collection. 
  3. Send a DM to @magiceden on Twitter, and include the name of your collection and the email used in step 2. We will take it from there with you!


What can I do in Creator Hub?

Creator Announcements:

Publish your latest news directly on Magic Eden to get the best exposure you can to the NFT community. We’ve seen Creator Announcements increase collection page impressions by as high as 48x during announcement periods!

Our Creator Announcements product is a great way to increase your projects discoverability and continue to keep the community engaged. 

When you submit a creator announcement, the announcement will be submitted to our team, to then populate on your collection page upon approval. Certain announcements will also populate on the Magic Eden homepage, for maximum exposure!

Your community can also share your Creator Announcements on Twitter to make sure you extend your communications reach to Twitter as well.

Creators can self serve post Creator Announcements within Creator Hub, learn more about how to here!

Create a collection page:

If you signed up for Creator Hub, the first & foremost thing you may be looking to do is list your collection on Magic Eden’s secondary marketplace.

You can learn how to create a new collection here!

Once you submit your application, our team will review the information you sent against our Content Guidelines, which could take up to 24 hours.

Apply for a badge

We take trust and safety very seriously. To help users, we now give the badge to collections listed on our marketplace. The badge signals a collection’s being authentic, significant and in good standing. It is, however, not a sign of endorsement nor a recommendation from Magic Eden.

Should your collection be eligible based off our criteria, you will have access to the badging portal in Creator Hub, which is a 1-click application process!

You can learn more about Magic Eden’s badges & the criteria here.

Get Access to Magic Eden List :

Magic Eden List is a free whitelist tool to collect wallets for your mint. We simplify the presale whitelist address collection for creators across SOL, ETH & Polygon. Leave the manual and time-consuming work to us! 

Simply create a whitelist and start collecting Discord, Twitter IDs and wallet addresses - all in under 30 seconds.

We now have a dedicated tool to allocate whitelists to your community. The steps you should follow to begin this whitelist creation can be found here!

Update your collection: 

Once you are listed on Magic Eden, Creator Hub is where you can come to make self serve updates to your collection page. 

Collection page info you can update:

  • Social links
  • Collection description
  • Hash list
  • Collection name
  • Collection images
  • Mint date
  • & more!

Get some eyes on your upcoming drop with Drop Calendar

Once you create a new collection, you'll automatically see your project on Drop Calendar. Feel free to share your project's Drop Calendar page to your community so you can get upvotes and even earn a spot on the 'Top Upvoted Drops' carousel on our homepage.

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