Going cross-chain with Bubblegoose Ballers

Magic Eden is integrating ETH minting with the upcoming Bubblegoose Ballers NFT launch from WAGMI Beach, the creators behind Catalina Whales.
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We’re going cross-chain, baby! 

Before we dive in, here’s some alpha: Win allowlist spots via Metalink. 

On June 13, the creators behind Catalina Whales, WAGMI Beach, will launch their second drop: Bubblegoose Ballers. Bubblegoose Ballers is the brainchild of legendary animation producer Carl Jones, most known for The Boondocks and Black Dynamite. 

Holders will gain access to exclusive merchandise and a seat at the writing table with Carl Jones. Together, the Bubblegoose Ballers community and WAGMI Beach will bring the aspirational stories of these goosey geese in bubble coats, which have lived in Jones’ sketchbooks for decades, to life. This partnership ties into WAGMI Beach’s mission to onboard prolific creators and IP holders into web3. WAGMI Beach is intent on working collaboratively with Solana to leverage popular culture to onboard the next 100m users into crypto. And, we’re all for accelerating the mass adoption of NFTs. 



Magic Eden has decided to offer ETH minting capabilities due to the convergence of ETH and SOL ecosystems. No doubt, there's been an increased demand from ETH NFT traders and investors. Recent data has shown that due to increased volatility, SOL NFT markets have been a constant store of value for users,  which has led to an influx of liquidity from Ethereum to Solana. We’re partnering with Crossmint to diligently remove friction points for ETH native users and offer compatibility for a portion of the upcoming Bubblegoose Ballers mint. 

Crossmint is a crypto-native, NFT infrastructure provider, who will assist in enabling an allowlist of 150 users to mint their Bubblegoose collection utilizing a Metamask wallet and paying in ETH for the mint. Bubblegoose has selected Metalink, the premiere platform for NFT communities, as its partner to give away the allowlist spots in advance of Metalink's integration with Solana. Crossmint delivers seamless cross-chain NFT purchases, enabling Ethereum native users to purchase Solana NFTs directly with Metamask and ETH and creating Solana wallets instantly in the backend.

In addition to the ability of minting in ETH, you’d be able to mint in SOL on Magic Eden’s Launchpad as per usual. 

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