Meet Fikri, artist and winner of the Magic Eden Special Art Prize

The Solana Indonesia Art Project saw 2500+ artwork submissions from over 700 artists. Fikri is one of the 18 prize-winning artists.
Metahorse (Livin in a Dream) by Fikri Abdurakhman

On January 7, Solana Indonesia announced the winners of the Solana Indonesia Art Project, which saw 2500+ artwork submissions from over 700 Indonesian artists. This online NFT competition for Indonesian visual artists was the first of its kind. Fikri Abdurakhman is one of the 18 standout artists to receive an award. His artwork won the Magic Eden Special Prize.

His winning piece — Metahorse (Livin in a Dream) — is about the limitless possibilities of living in imaginative worlds, returning to a child-like curiosity, and embracing a metaverse future where everything is possible. “As a kid, I was never afraid to dream and imagine things for myself. Now, we have metaverses where imagination can be realized. The horse character pictured here is named Betsie. She’s a metahorse.”

His art is an embodiment of the environment around him, his experiences and culture. “My art is like a diary of my mind, thoughts and emotions. I write in this way.”

Fikri first heard of NFTs at the beginning of the global pandemic when his artist friends started minting them. In his view, NFTs appreciate artists and can greatly benefit them. Firstly, through financial benefits from clear royalty structures that bring secondary sales into the mix. Secondly, it lowers the barriers to entry for newcomer artist as it is more welcoming than the traditional art industry. And, he believes that the Southeast Asian NFT scene has a lot to offer. “Southeast Asian artists each have their own cultural perspectives since cultures from one country to another are so different. There is so much value and potential here.”

Metahorse (Livin in a Dream) will be auctioned on January 15, 2022.

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