ETH Creators: Partner with us to reach a cross-chain audience

Magic Eden brings a whole new set of eyes to unlock your NFT project’s growth. Welcome to the future of NFTs.

The future NFT trader shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to trade NFTs cross-chain. They should have a seamless buying experience. We’re making it easier for your current and prospective audience. Partnering with Magic Eden means unlocking more growth opportunities with as little friction as possible. We believe that it should be as simple as hitting that ‘connect wallet’ on Magic Eden. 

Pioneer with us as we build the best cross-chain experience across Solana and Ethereum. 

Key Insights:

  • Exposure to a SOL audience: We have captivated Solana’s attention with 90% market share on secondaries. With over 700,000 daily impressions on our homepage, Ethereum NFT projects will get a whole new level of cross-chain exposure. 
  • Magic Eden List, THE whitelist management tool: We built this free tool with creators in mind. Set it up through the creator hub, receive a customized report and additional exposure on a dedicated homepage carousel. 
  • Announcing our ETH Launchpad: With the same unparalleled minting tech, marketing support and many other capabilities that has launched 350+ Solana NFT projects, your mint is guaranteed to be hassle-free and customizable. 
  • Cross-chain payment: Your collectors will appreciate greater accessibility to join communities as they can choose to pay with ETH, SOL and fiat (via credit card).  

Why relevance among a captive SOL audience matters

Each day, we have over 400,000 unique sessions on Magic Eden. Some are native Solana users. Others trade Ethereum NFTs as well but elsewhere. Now on Magic Eden, your collector can do bothAnd, you get to tap into the attention that we’ve managed to engage — with 90% of all Solana trading activity happens on Magic Eden. 

With its low barrier to entry, recent statistics from Coin98 Analytics show that since March 2020, Solana has over 100B total transactions, surpassing Ethereum’s amount of transactions despite it being the older chain. 

Because of its wide appeal, the Solana blockchain has proven to be a key contender and contributor to the mass adoption of NFTs. Despite the bear market, research by the Block found that mints on Solana have been increasing. 

We know for a fact that the Ethereum community has taken a keen interest in Solana given the engagement of a very large and passionate base of collectors. In a recent interview with Champ of ChampsOnly and co-host of NGMI Podcast, he stresses that a differentiating factor is the “wild Twitter culture” of the Solana NFT community. 

We are thoroughly attuned to this Twitter culture which we’re a big part of, between posting memes, to educational content to hosting Launchpad & Grill Twitter Spaces. Launchpad & Grill is a unique opportunity for our upcoming Launchpad projects to further engage with the Solana community and beyond, with regular attendees averaging to 3,000 listeners. By partnering with us, you can captivate a new audience while engaging the ETH community. 


Drive exposure for your collection on our cross-chain drop calendar

With our cross-chain drop calendar, your collectors can easily navigate to your drops and whitelists. As prospective minters use our page to conduct deeper research into the latest NFT projects, give greater exposure to your project by being featured on our Drop Calendar, which garners over 300,000 impressions monthly. With a default mode of showing drops across Ethereum and Solana, tap into our existing Solana traders and the growing Ethereum traders. 

Setting up drops is also simple. All you have to do is login via our creator hub, your one-stop-shop to manage drops and whitelists.


Manage your SOL or ETH whitelists with Magic Eden List!

We debuted a whitelist tool called Magic Eden List that allows you and your community a seamless experience. With over 700,000 impressions daily on our homepage and a guaranteed 400,000 impressions on our Whitelist Opportunities Carousel, you will get unparalleled exposure

The Magic Eden List is a free tool that we made just for creators. and with each whitelist you create, we’ll generate a dedicated report so you can track key metrics, find out more about your minters and overall performance. 

There’s no need to juggle between multiple providers, Magic Eden is the place where your mint starts and your creator journey continues


Enable homepage discovery for your collection with Magic Eden List

To put your mint in front of our users, we have a whitelist opportunities carousel on our front page that encourages easier whitelist registration.


Launch a project with us targeting both SOL + ETH audiences

We’ve launched over 350+ collections on Solana. And, we’re just getting started with Ethereum. We know that NFT launches aren’t as easy as they sound. Many creators have to create a mint from scratch and use third party platforms to facilitate their whitelist mint. Time is limited, and you could be spending it on your art, value and community. That’s where Launchpad comes in.

Launchpad is the premier NFT minting tool, allowing you to mint both Solana and Ethereum collections and target both chains with cross-chain minting. With an acceptance rate of less than 3%, we partner with the finest creators who are co-creating NFT culture. 

Carl Jones who created cult-classics like Boondocks, minted cross-mint with Bubblegoose Ballers and is redefining web3 media. Tay Keith, grammy nominated musician, launched Anybodies, a fashion collectibles collection which utilizes NFC microchip for wear-to-earn technology and has collaborated with a titan in web2, Nike, and a legend in the web3 space, DeGods

On the 28th of September, Azra Games added The Hopeful, a collection of 5,555 ‘Play Forever Passes’, into the web3 gaming sphere. Holders of The Hopeful will use it to discover their first game, Legions & Legends. The Hopeful minted for free on Ethereum via Magic Eden’s Launchpad. 

Since then, they’ve achieved: 

  • 1,300+ ETH traded 
  • 15 ETH highest sale
  • #3 in 24-hour ETH volume
  • 0.38 ETH average sale
  • 2,000+ transactions

With our experienced team on Launchpad, gain the greatest exposure and widest reach in web3. With dedicated tech development and marketing support, have a hassle-free mint to do what you do best: add value to your collectors. 


Enjoy best-in-class, customizable mint tech

With over 350+ NFT collections launched, Magic Eden has been on the forefront of NFT Launchpads. Our bespoke launch experience has everything your NFT project needs for creating a stronger project, having a seamless mint and launching with a blast. Focus on what you do best, and leave the rest to us.

Besides bespoke Launchpad support, consisting of mentorship, connections, and training, our mint tech capabilities will allow you to build out the seamless mint you dream of. 

Some of our many capabilities we offer: 

  • Custom launchpad page: Choose to host your mint on Magic Eden or on your own page. 
  • End-to-end marketing support: For all your NFT project needs, be it launch mechanics to community management, we are here with you through mentorship, training support and connecting you to the right people. 
  • Ops support through launch: Your mint doesn’t end with our tech capabilities. We’ll support you through launch, reachable 24/7. 
  • Cross-chain payment: Besides ETH and SOL, minters can also use their credit card to join your community, giving them greater accessibility to your collection. 


Give minters greater choice with ETH, SOL, or fiat

A cross-chain future wouldn’t be possible without cross-chain payments. Magic Eden helps you open up your target collector market to both normies as well as crypto native audiences. Now, collectors can buy NFTs with their currency of choice. Choose between $SOL, $ETH, and good ol’ fiat (via credit)! Those curious about NFTs may not be familiar with crypto-native methods of purchasing NFTs with $SOL or $ETH. So, we’re also introducing credit as a form of payment, making collecting NFTs less mystifying and time-consuming. 

We also offer this capability for ETH launches via Launchpad. Give collectors greater options to make it easier to join your community. 


Watch your collection flow directly into a lightning fast aggregator!

Collectors are faced with many basic trading decisions that are time-consuming because of the fragmented set of tools that collectors have to find before they can become collectors. 

From sweeper tools to a host of analytic charts, our ETH aggregator gives users the complete picture on a single site. Making buying NFTs a whole lot easier. 

Magic Eden equips collectors to make the best purchasing decisions in real-time as we show them listings across ETH marketplaces. 

Some tools we’re especially proud of:

  1. Sweeper tools: Your collectors will be able to sweep up to 50 NFTs at once, even if you have a hot mint. If they’ve selected auto swap, NFTs that are no longer available will be automatically swapped for the next best available NFT. 
  2. Pro Trade: With a variety of charts available at their disposal, your collectors will be able to perform better research and find real-time alpha — whether they’re looking to flip or to trade long-term. Our charts go from the last 15 minutes to the last 2 months, giving them insight into real-time and historical data on trade activity and price. We also have a listings distribution chart and price vs. rarity chart. 
  3. Trade in real time: Without refreshing your collection page, collectors can see NFTs bought and listed by others in real time down to the latest 5 seconds, enabling them to make the best purchasing decisions on Magic Eden. 

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