Eden Games Launch Announcement

We are proud to launch Eden Games with top gaming partners on Solana. Eden Games goes live on Monday, March 14th.

We recently talked to top gaming projects to learn how marketplaces can better support games. Based on their input, we are launching Eden Games, a content destination for gamers.


We are proud to launch Eden Games with top gaming partners on Solana.

Gaming NFTs are an ecosystem on their own within Solana NFTs. Games are distinguished by different needs across development cycles, community engagement, and launch requirements. Within the NFT ecosystem, users often are looking for the next thing. The nature of this buying behavior means that people across all platforms easily become impatient after projects launch and move on after mint. Every marketplace experiences this, given the very nature of NFTs. This makes it challenging for games, whose development cycles are longer and have to continuously reach people with new and engaging content to hold their investors’ attention.

Given the decentralized nature of web3, it’s also hard to keep up with NFT projects, including games. There is a lack of platforms where games can provide the content they want to get out to the world. Users have to search far and wide to find information hidden across Twitter, Discord channels, and websites. After speaking with ten games, we found that one of their greatest needs is a place where they can display their product in a way that makes sense for them. They also want to share major updates and news with prospective and existing holders.

Eden Games is a content platform directly on our marketplace.

Included in this launch are several components:

  • Dedicated gaming listing pages: We help games by displaying games the way they are meant to be displayed. Each gaming page will have a trailer to showcase the game, a dedicated content section where games can share their socials and description, their collection listing, and a dedicated IFrame where players can play the games on the listing page itself.
  • Content hub: We know how painful it is to search through multiple Discords and channels to get the information you need. We will review and showcase the best games with your favorite influencers from both the Web3 and Web2 world. Content is king, it's how games live and die nowadays and it's about time we showcased what the Solana ecosystem has to offer.
  • Competitions & tournaments: We will host games directly on our platform and via our Discord. Our marketplace sees 1.5M daily active visitors and 10M monthly active visitors. We now boast the largest Discord across all marketplaces on Solana with 141K members. We also want to showcase the best players and teams on Solana. Let's put our favorite bluechips against each other to see who has the best FPS players.

We will build these functionalities and we look forward to the community’s feedback. We care about games because we see them as fantastic onboarding experiences into NFTs and web3. NFTs and crypto may seem complicated, but games are fun and a great way to ease people into new technology. Gamers are smart, curious and engaged. The next generation of gamers will have lived in a world with crypto for most if not all of their lives. We’re here for that generation and we’re not going anywhere.

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