Creative NFT Expression: Photography & Fashion

We're excited to see the NFT space on Solana grow and expand!

From classic animal pfps to utility-based NFTs, to metaverse homes and gaming NFTs, we’ve seen all sorts of use cases for NFTs. As the year comes to a close, we wanted to highlight two NFT projects that are bringing something different to Solana:

Photography: Street Dreams Cafe

As a creative collective, Street Dreams has been building community over the last 10 years. With their web3 extension, Street Dreams Cafe, they launched ‘Celebrating the Wins’, the first randomized pack collection on Solana. The collection features 15,000 digital trading cards from 35 different artists. Packs come in different sizes and there are two editions with differing rarities “Premium” and “Signature”. In line with their vision, the collection focuses on community, inclusivity and discoverability. For some members of their community, this was their first time buying a SOL NFT.  

Their venture into the world of NFTs first came when they partnered with photographer Pedro Vazquez (aka Aimos) for a 24-hour auction of the legendary portrait of the late rapper XXXtencacion, the last portrait of him posted on his page before his murder. In an effort to “get artists their proper credit and for him [Aimos] to share the mental impact from his harrowing experience with this image”, they launched the #NowCrediting movement with Aimos. The 1 of 1 sold for a record price for photography NFTs — $125,000 — and a portion of proceeds were channelled to the National Domestic Violence Hotline and Half The Story, an organization promoting digital wellbeing. 

Fashion: Space Runners

Sneakerheads and NFT degens go together like peanut butter and jelly. There’s just something about the promise of hype and clout. Space Runners is the first digital sneaker brand and their first drop brings fashion and the NBA to the metaverse. Their NBA Champions Sneaker collection with Kyle Kuzma and Nick Young sold out in under 10 minutes! 

These NFTs are wearable through augmented reality. But, that’s not all. Space Runner holders are also members of the RUNNERS club which gives them access to IRL perks — tickets to NBA basketball games, signed merch, celebrity meets after games or concerts, and priority access to whitelist and pre-sales. A Space Runners NFT gives you sweet metaverse kicks but there’s also utility in the real world. 

Space Runners also does good — they donated a customized, 1 of 1 NFT to Boxing Bullies for their live English auction on the 19th of December. The Boxing Bullies x Space Runners NFT raised $20,000 for anti-bullying initiatives. 

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🚀 Launchpad Releases

Launchpad is Magic Eden’s white-glove full-minting support service with cutting edge capabilities, outbound marketing support and automatic listing. We provide the widest reach, exposure and tools for creators to launch their collections on Solana.

Sigh Ducks 

On Nov. 12th, Sigh Ducks launched their PX777 NFT mint pass and sold out. They’ll be minting Gen 0 soon and you can stake both NFTs on their portal to generate their native token $DOOK daily. Certain traits may generate additional $DOOK. With their token, you can also participate in The Grand Dook Casino, Gen 1 minting and purchase merch both IRL and in the metaverse. 

Launchpad Mint: 30 Dec 3 pm EST, 2,554 Sigh Ducks

Note: Total NFT supply is 4,554 Sigh Ducks.


An experienced team and game studio brings to you MonkeyBall, a 4v4, play-to-earn soccer game that’s fun to play but will also serve a challenge. Matches are played between two teams each with four monkeys playing different positions. Their initial game mode will be released by the end of Q1 2022. Check out a sneak peek of the game here

Launchpad Mint: 4 Jan, 1,000 Monkeys

Note: The main public sale of 5,000 Monkeys will take place on Jan 6th on

Proof of Consciousness

The Proof of Consciousness collective has a mission to “elevate and unite human consciousness”. They host regular meditations online and their NFT serves as a membership token. They’ll also be donating to MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies). 

Launchpad Mint: 5 Jan, 4,444 Orbs of Consciousness

Note (updated 30 Dec): Proof of Consciousness has changed their mint to a later date.

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