GAM3S.GG Partners with Magic Eden for the Future of Web3 Gaming

We're excited to announce our partnership with GAM3S.GG, the pioneering web3 gaming platform to create a more vibrant and inclusive gaming ecosystem. By working together, we will elevate the quality of support we offer projects featured on our marketplace and launchpad through GAM3S.GG expertise in content creation across socials, shining a spotlight on high-quality web3 games and providing gamers with more opportunities to explore and enjoy new titles.

Our platform features over 16,000 collections showcasing a diverse range of NFTs that appeal to a broad audience. Given the decentralized nature of web3, it’s also hard to keep up with NFT projects, including games. There is a lack of platforms where games can provide the content they want to get out to the world. Users have to search far and wide to find information hidden across Twitter, Discord channels, and websites. Our partnership with GAM3S.GG enables us to highlight and showcase quality web3 gaming projects together. 

Chris Akhavan, Chief Gaming Officer at Magic Eden, had the following comment regarding the announcement: “The quality of GAM3S.GG's news and reviews really help put a spotlight on the best web3 games in the ecosystem. We are excited to syndicate their content on Magic Eden to help drive discovery to the web3 games we are working with!”

Through this partnership, projects on our launchpad can tap into GAM3S.GG's community and benefit from direct support on content creation as well as valuable insights on navigating the web3 gaming space. We're excited to work with an innovative platform that places game discovery, reviews, guides, news, and quests at the center of the web3 gaming industry.

Omar Ghanem, the Head of GAM3S.GG, shared his thoughts on the partnership with Magic Eden: "We’re super excited to help onboard magic eden’s community into web3 gaming through our content & game discovery platform to support their future game launches & showcase the top web3 games in the space!"

Together, we're creating a new era of gaming that's accessible, inclusive, and rewarding for gamers, developers, and creators. Users can expect to see our existing and upcoming gaming launchpad projects showcased on GAM3S.GG's Twitch channel, along with unbiased reviews in both written and video form. We're excited to embark on this journey with our partners and look forward to creating amazing gaming experiences for our users.

Stay tuned for more updates on this partnership and the exciting developments that we will bring to the web3 gaming world!


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